Things to look for while buying cheap colored contacts

Are you considering colored contact lenses? Maybe you want to dress-up or just want to change your looks. Most cheap contacts are ok to use as long as you purchase them from an authentic eyewear company, instead of a shady website, where the chances of you purchasing contacts loaded with chemicals that aren’t safe for the eyes is extremely high. Your eyes are very sensitive and need the utmost care and hence, any random cheap lenses are a big no!

Cheap contact lenses can be brought online and don’t require a prescription. Buying prescription contacts is the best as they require a prescription which means your eyes have been looked over by a qualified eye doctor who is the only one who can tell you the right lenses for your eyes.

When you use cheap contacts, you might experience the following which is a sign the contacts need to be discarded –

Blurred Vision

cheap colored contacts

A very common side effect that can come with cheap contacts is blurred vision. If your vision is not improved with cheap contacts, then that is a good sign they are the wrong type for you or are not quality made. Contact lenses are supposed to help you see better. Blurred vision can cause headaches and eye strain.


Cheap contacts don’t provide as much comfort as they are not designed to fit your eyes. Lenses must fit correctly as the cornea of the eye isn’t shaped the same for each person. Cheap contacts can slide around too much and scratch the surface of the eye.

There is nothing wrong with wearing cheap contacts, but they need to be from a decent company and you need to ensure you get a nice suitable fit. If any eye irritation occurs it is important not to continue wearing the contacts as they can cause damage to the eyes sometimes temporarily and permanently. So, the main takeaway is, cheap coloured contacts aren’t bad if they are bought from an authentic brand.

How to care for contact lenses

If you are wearing cheap contact lenses they still need to be cared for in the same way as you would an expensive pair. If you are wearing cheap contacts that are disposable you need to ensure that you are cleaning them and your hands before using them and ensure they are thrown away once you have finished using them. Make sure you wear the contacts for the time recommended on the packet instructions. If you are wearing them longer you risk causing an eye infection or damage to the cornea.

If they are affordable re-usable contacts, then you need to make sure you look after them to keep them in good condition and to keep your eyes healthy. It will depend on the type of contacts you are using as to how you are caring for them. There are many principles of care and cleanliness that apply to cleaning clear or colored contact lenses. If you haven’t used clear or coloured contact lenses before, it’s a good idea to seek advice from a doctor or eyewear consultant to ensure eye contact is going to work for you and the type that is best for your circumstances. Going against medical advice is not a good idea when you run the risk of causing damage to your eye as most damage cannot be reversed and can leave you permanently blind.