Make Your Hotel Stand Out

The hospitality business is competitive, and it uses score ratings to distinguish brands. Adding romantic wedding venues might not be enough to gain more customers. Hoteliers are renovating the external and internal structures to offer new befitting designs. Don’t be left out of the web of hospitality management, but pay attention to details and use features that can make huge impacts. There are millions of intending guests online browsing through websites of the hotel they think can offer a fabulous stay. Here are some examples of very simple, yet amazing designs and features that will make your hotel stand out.

Create lasting impressions

The entrance, reception, and lobby are common areas that can have lasting impressions on guests. Start the renovation project by creating unique architecture at the entrance, extravagant lobby space with artwork, and reception with small waterfalls and natural lights. Create a new look from the old hotel structure and add decorations, and glass vases of colorful flower bouquets.

Cozy Interior

Make guests feel at home in the cozy hotel room, and even while they use the bathroom. Make specific renovations of interior structures; install keyless entry, spa-like bathrooms with bathtubs, waterfall showers, and sensor-controlled lighting system in the rooms. It possible to offer luxurious experiences to guests without spending a fortune, and they’ll simply love it!

Get Social Engagement

Engage your guests with your business support team through social media platforms. Innovation makes it easy to use robotic assistants in the live chat and chat box features of your website. More so, guests feel secure when they find pages, news, and photos of their preferred hotels on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Hotel owners should keep a flexible marketing budget to promote online ads, online reviews, and gain new customers.

Offer commissions to taxi drivers

Online bookings for travelers wishing to have a memorable experience in your hotel should be linked to taxi services. Trained taxi drivers can be a part of your marketing team. You can offer travelers some discounts when they ride in your preferred local taxi.  Upon arrival, drivers can pick them up and drop guests at the hotel. Consequently, taxi drivers can earn commissions when they direct guests to your hotel. Apart from offering a unique luxury accommodation experience in Tasmania, guests can enjoy hassle-free pickups and drop offers.

Customer care

When guest check-in to their rooms, it’s expected that front desk staff maintain courtesy and show care. It’s appropriate to place follow-up calls after resolving complaints from guests. Ask the unit supervisor to find out the satisfaction level of customers with feedback systems.

Go green

The awareness of global warming and pollution is inspiring new lifestyles. Plant more flowers to increase the level of oxygen around the hotel. Hotels with eco-friendly features are twice as appealing to health-conscious guests as facilities that promote pollution. While renovating, add the facilities that are eco-friendly to the features of your hotel. Upgrade tradition lighting and refuse collection features to solar and recyclable systems respectively.

Go digital

Using the right tools for work increases efficiency and satisfaction levels when equipment are digitally enabled. Hotel guests like personalized attention, and fast service delivery. A reliable customer service software, fast internet Wi-Fi connection, cashless financial operation, and CCTV cameras can make your hotel employees efficient, and boost the comfort of guests.

Guests deserve some pleasant surprises

Send personalized emails and birthday messages to your clients even after they have checked out. Train your hotel’s customer service staff to keep personal details of guests as they check-in with IDs. They can use the confidential details professionally and felicitate with guests during special moments like birthdays. This feature brings a sense of belonging to guests, and they will find it easy to make future bookings.