International students in Melbourne

Are you considering studying English in Melbourne? Been thinking about whether it will be hard to find a job in Melbourne being an international student? Do you want to discover more about the Australian job market and the application process?

If you answered yes to these questions, there are plenty of tips here that can help you to succeed within the Australian workforce.

When you have a student visa, how many hours can you work?

If you want to study or work within Australia, you need to follow the work conditions for the student visa:

  • You can work up to a maximum amount of forty hours every two weeks
  • You cannot begin work before the start day of your course
  • You can work unlimited hours but only within the officially scheduled course breaks

If you don’t follow these regulations, then you will run the risk of having your visa cancelled.

How much is Australia’s minimum wage?

The national minimum wage in Australia is $19.49 each hour. The fair work website can educate you about employee entitlements and what rights you have.

As an international learner, do I still need to pay taxes?

This will depend on how much you are earning. In most cases, you are required to pay taxes which will be deducted from your pay each cycle. When you get a residential address within Australia, you can then apply for a tax file number on the ATO website. In Australia, the end of the financial year falls in June so you can then claim part of your tax back by filling out a tax return form.

What exactly is a tax file number?

A TFN becomes your ID number. A TFN is needed to ensure that you are not taxed any higher than your limit. If you don’t have a TFN to give to the bank and employer most of your salary will be withheld. When you are working under a TFN, you can be entitled to certain rights like sick leave, annual leave and superannuation.

Is it challenging to find a job in Melbourne?

Australia has a very low unemployment rate that currently sits at 5.7%. The country’s largest city Melbourne is a business administration and a cultural hub that can offer you excellent job prospects. The city also has many international cultural events and sports throughout each year. Providing people with plenty of seasonal casual jobs and internships that are well suited for international students.

How successful at landing a job in Australia you are will depend on different factors like prior work history, your English skills and education levels.

Where do I look for a job in Melbourne?

Internship opportunities, casual and part-time jobs are found in many places, either offline and online. Expand the job search, so you are using as many channels as possible. You can visit websites such as Career One, Seek and Gumtree. Local newspapers and community boards are also an excellent source for finding employment. Go in person to the shops and ask to see the manager and hand them your resume and ask to be considered for any future work.

The work won’t come to you. You need to be able to get your hands dirty and work hard to land a job. There is work out there somewhere waiting to be found.

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