Air compressors suited for travel

Portable air compressors are useful for the camping and those who love venturing out on the 4WD tracks.  It doesn’t matter what type of car you have; you need to have a portable air compressor packed in the back. Air compressors come in handy and as they are small and compact. You can keep them in the back of the boot, so you are never without it when you decide to go camping to venture off-road.

Why you may need a portable air compressor

Since you can end up spending a few hundred dollars for air compressors it is worth considering what you might use it for. Tyre pressure is a sensible and common use for an air compressor along with air beds and blows up rafts. Having the right tyre pressure will help to extend the life of your tire and improve the safety, the handling and fuel economy.

What should I look for?

Pressure gauge

You need one with a pressure gauge that shows the inflation pressure

Battery clips

Air compressor machine

The travel air compressors are small and run directly from the battery of the car via slips. They are less powerful air compressors which can plug into the car directly via the cigarette lighter.

Sand tray

This will prevent the air compressor from sinking into the ground.

Hands-free tyre deflator

The hands-free tyre deflator consists of a turning collar that will lock into place over the tyre valve, so the valve is kept open.

Push-button deflator

The push-button deflator is a button that is on the hose that allows for quick deflation when the nozzle is connected to the tyre valve.

Thermal cut out

The thermal safety cut-off is a feature that is designed to prevent the machine from overheating.

The best air compressor for travelling

The Makita MAC2400 portable compressor is equipped with a Big Bore pump cylinder and the piston of Makita. It offers industrial power and excellent performance. The powerful motor running at 2.5HP has a noise reduction and excellent productivity. The noise is reduced due to the oil-lubricated pump running at 1,700 RPM. This air compressor is made from cast iron so it can withstand the fair share of scraped and bumps on construction sites, 4WD tracks and camping. A handle located on top of the compressor makes it portable and easy to move around.

This model is the overall efficient and best suited portable air compressor that is found on the market. The model if powerful, but it is quiet and with a durable cast iron construction you cannot go wrong. There is a slight compromise within the portability as it is heavy, but the rubber feet and handle are nice extras.

This is the recommended choice in the portable air compressors, and it sits within a budget-friendly price range making it the best choice for your best accessory to buy. For those holidays away with the family or just spending a weekend away having a solo fishing trip with the ease of pumping your wheels up and creating an easy way to pump your air bed up and everything else in between that needs air.

Find it in-store to discover the extra featured that you can be taking advantage of now.